France Spring 2005


Dad came right after Easter and we went away for a few days to Trier and to France to see where his father, Theodore Stone, had been stationed in WWI.  If you want to see the pictures we took of the landscape and war memorials (some of which were more interesting than I had thought they'd be) email me and I'll send them.  My dad's the expert on what we saw, though.  I just stood behind the camera.


Emily, Walter and Lucy in Spring 2005.  Behind them is our clematis that blooms like crazy for one week each May. 







Kay and Emily squinting into the sun.   


    Verdun, France

Lucy is on the left and Emily on the right.

(The funny waves in the sky are because I don't know how to make them go away.  It has to do with decreasing the size of the picture.  Suggestions and advice are welcome.)   


Trier, Germany

Roman "Porta Nigre" in Trier        


Lucy says it isn't a vacation unless we visit a mine.  So we visited a slate mine in Germany.  Guess who was taking the pictures?


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